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About Telehealth

Telehealth — sometimes called telemedicine — lets your therapist provide care for you without an in-person office visit. Telehealth is done primarily online with internet access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Benefits of Telehealth


Virtual visits are growing in popularity. Though in-person office visits can be helpful  in certain cases, there are many benefits of telehealth care.

-Convenience and Flexibility to do sessions during lunch breaks or other times

-Virtual visits ensure you get care wherever you are located.

-Virtual visits cut down on travel, time off from work, and the need for child care

-Virtual care tools can shorten the wait for an appointment

-Increased access to specialists who are located far away from your hometown

**Telehealth is not a perfect fit for everyone. We can discuss  any disadvantages or risks.**

What to expect with your virtual session.

A video visit is the closest telehealth option to an in-person visit.


Video sessions are easy and painless. We will converse as though I am seeing you in office for a face to face visit. No special preparation is necessary. Here are some tips for you to know:


  • Check your email for instructions. Be sure to review any email, texts, or other communication from your therapist. The office may send you details about your upcoming appointment and how to log on or use their technology.
  • Reduce background noise. This can be tricky when there are a lot of people in the house! Try to find a quiet activity for the kids in a separate room and ask other adults to speak quietly, if you can.
  • Close other applications. Some applications on your phone, tablet, or computer will slow down your internet connection. Closing them will also cut down on distractions. 



Getting ready for your video appointment

  1. Choose a spot with plenty of light. If you are using the camera on your phone, you can try using the flash for extra light.
  2. Make sure the camera is steady. Set your computer or laptop on a flat service, or prop up your phone or tablet on a desk or table.
  3. Get comfortable. Since you will be sitting in one place for 50 minutes make sure it is comfortable.
  4. Stay focused on your appointment: Make your virtual visit a priority. Try to avoid eating or drinking during your appointment. And avoid distractions such as driving or riding in a car, or running errands.



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